For professionals and academics


UCERF organizes meetings and the annual UCERF symposium about current developments in family law. The 14th UCERF symposium will be held in the Academiegebouw on March 19th, 2020.

Advising professionals working in practice

The connection with family law in practice is of great importance. Not only our in-company courses, but also our consultancy work plays a role in this regard. We provide independent advice on legal issues and questions from lawyers, notaries and mediators. Contact: Prof Wendy Schrama,

In-company education

UCERF researchers provide various course and in-house trainings, in particular for the legal profession, notaries and the judiciary in the field of personal and family law.

Wendy Schrama specialises in legal issues concerning unmarried cohabiting couples, property relations between couples, descent and adoption, and regularly gives general current affairs courses on family law. Merel Jonker is focused on alimony law and Evelien van Wijk-Verhagen gives courses on the application of reasonableness and fairness in relationship property law. Christina Jeppesen de Boer is specialised in parental authority and divorce. Marjolein van den Brink regularly gives lectures at the ERA.

All teachers are well versed in the questions that occur in practice; for example, because they are a deputy judge or have worked in the judiciary, as a lawyer or as a member of the equal treatment committee. For contact: Prof. Wendy Schrama,