Every year in April UCERF organises a symposium concerning current developments in family law. There are also a number of other lectures and symposia which are held in addition to this one.

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  • UCERF symposium 2021

The 15th UCERF symposium on current developments in family law took place on Thursday 25 March 2021. Due to the corona measures, a hybrid symposium was chosen, in which the speakers were present in the Academiegebouw and the participants listened to the lectures at home via a stream.
Wendy Schrama opened the day and was followed by mr. Marion Becker who talked about the project uniform aid offer, UCERF researcher mr. dr. Naema Tahir about the arranged marriage and prof. mr. dr. Leon Verstappen about post-relational solidarity regarding partner and child support. After the break, Prof. Dr. Renée Römkens continued with a presentation on the significance of the Istanbul Convention for family law in the Netherlands, UCERF researcher Mr. Charlotte Mol on her research into child participation in the Netherlands and Prof. Dr. Ian Sumner on her research the concept of 'habitual residence' in international family law. There was also room for questions and discussion, which made it an interesting afternoon. Afterwards, participants will receive a bundle sent home with contributions from the speakers. It was a successful day, thanks to the speakers and organising colleagues.