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Journal of Trial and Error

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The Journal of Trial and Error (JOTE) is a scientific journal that publishes about trial and error and failure in science. Articles about empirical research in which something went wrong are linked to reflection articles by philosophers, historians, sociologists and/or theorists. The magazine was founded by four students and the current team consists of a combination of bachelor, master and PhD students. In collaboration with The New Utrecht School, JOTE will also focus on medical practice and educating future healthcare workers. Patients, healthcare workers and biomedical scientists will increasingly be faced with uncertainty in the future. In collaboration with JOTE, we want to ensure that there is more openness about this radical uncertainty, so that we can better learn from it.

Van Hier Naar [...]

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Van Hier Naar […] is an initiative founded for and by students who question the way society deals with health and diseases. The issue of care is not only looked at at a specialized level, but as an overarching value. Van Hier Naar […] is looking for students who want to gain a broader perspective in health. We aim to open up the conversation about this so that there is a possibility for change.


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Workshop The New Connection

Poster voor Workshop De Nieuwe Verbinding

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift from physical to virtual encounters. This has a major impact on the way we interact with each other, both in daily life and in healthcare. Since communication between people is an essential part of existence, it is only logical to consider this change in communication.

In 2021, The New Utrecht School organized a unique six-part workshop for the first time in which medical students and students from various HKU programs were brought together, under the guidance of various inspiring artists and professionals in healthcare, to push the boundaries. to explore, investigate and stretch meaningful contact. By combining the perspectives of the students from the various fields, insights can be created to understand the essence of communication. With this, the workshop hoped to explore and ultimately improve the development of meaningful communication between people in the virtual and hybrid world.

The workshop was organized by a small-scale team, consisting of medical and HKU students, alumni and professionals from various institutes. In collaboration with medical and art students, the workshop is currently being converted into an international summer school.