Future of the Healthy City

On June 28 2021, a group of artists, politicians, and scientists spoke about the future of the healthy city. This was the first public dialogue in the context of the 385th anniversary of Utrecht University and the University Medical Center Utrecht.

A healthy tomorrow is made together

The title of the series of public dialogues during the lustrum is 'A healthy tomorrow is made together'. The leading idea behind this series is that a future-proof health care system and health domain require collaboration between all faculties of the UU and UMC Utrecht. For example, with the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance, the artists of the Landmark (AKWAGLOT) and the Utrecht Science Agenda, we thought about what the future of a healthy city should look like, and with the Faculty of Science we are studying how (calculation) models can give us a picture of the current pandemic, and with the Faculty of Social Sciences we explore new perspectives on prevention, resilience and health in different phases of life.