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Together with student initiatives Journal of Trial & Error and Van Hier Naar [...], The New Utrecht School is organizing a new series of public dialogues in 2022 and 2023 between scholars, professionals in the health domain, artists, and societal stakeholders (such as patient representatives, the municipality and companies).

The title of this new series of public dialogues is 'New perspectives on illness and health'. The guiding idea behind this series is that a future-proof healthcare system and health domain requires collaboration between all faculties of UU and UMC Utrecht. For example, we will work with the REBO faculty, the artists of the Landmark and the Utrecht Science Agenda to think about what the future of a healthy city should look like, with the Faculty of Science we will study how (calculation) models shape our image of the current pandemic, and with the Faculty of Social Sciences we are exploring new perspectives with regard to prevention, resilience and health in different phases of life.

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