Courses and Thesis projects

Tectonophysics is mainly taught at the Masters level. If you are interested in studying Tectonophysics at Utrecht University, we recommend a Bachelors degree in Earth Sciences with a minor in Physics. An alternative is that you first obtain a Bachelors degree in Physics, preferentially with a Minor in Geophysics.

Courses and teachers

  • Tectonophysics (Wortel and Govers)
  • Tectonophysical modeling (Govers and Meijer)
  • Dynamics of Earth's mantle (Spakman)
  • Dynamics of basins and orogens (Vissers and Meijer)
  • Computational geophysics (Van den Berg)
  • Lithosphere applications of the finite element method (Govers)
  • Geophysics seminar (Spakman)

Available MSc projects and supervisors

  • Dynamic topography near slab edges (Govers)
  • Numerical rock deformation (Govers)
  • Separation of the Arabia plate from Africa (Meijer, Wortel and Govers)
  • Collision tectonics at Cocos and Carnegie Ridge (Wortel and Govers)
  • Model/data comparison for Mediterranean circulation at the last Glacial Maximum (Meijer)
  • Numerical modelling of stratigraphy: Accounting for subsidence (Meijer)
  • Numerical modelling of stratography: The role of temporal averaging (Meijer)

Available BSc projects and supervisors

  • Geophysical evaluation of the movie '2012' (Govers)
  • A comparison of 'mediterranean-type' basins (Literature study, Meijer)
  • What makes a marine connection a gateway? (Meijer and Krijgsman)
  • Qualifications of aspects of paleogeographical evolution (Meijer and van der Meulen)
  • Evolution of the Tonga and New Hebrides arcs (Wortel and Govers)
  • Sumatra earthquakes: did the 2004 Christmas earthquake trigger the March 28 2005 event? (Wortel)