SDG  7: affordable and clean energy

How can science help to make affordable and clean energy available for everyone? In Utrecht, we investigate this, beyond the borders of disciplines. The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) are a major guiding principle for us.

illustratie van een vrouw die zonnepanelen bevestigt

Why the time is now to revolutionize our energy supply

Energy transition

How we are working towards clean and affordable energy

  • We drive solar academiegebouw

    Smart charging points

    Smart Solar Charging is a revolutionary project with the campus and the city of Utrecht as a living lab, in which generating and storing solar power and returning excess energy to the grid is becoming reality.
    Smart solar charging
  • Prof Wilfried van Sark

    The role of solar energy in society

    In his inaugural lecture, Van Sark addresses controversies surrounding the growth in solar energy. Can we make solar panels more easthetical pleasing? And how do we collectively ensure that this market keeps growing the way it should?
    Inaugural lecture Wilfired van Sark
  • Aardgas

    Alternatives to natural gas

    Seven million households need to be converted from gas to an alternative source before 2050. This is asking a lot of society. We help municipalities develop smart road maps to find alternatives to natural gas in neighbourhoods.
    Natural gas transition
  • Een reeks windmolens

    Combining offshore wind farms with floating solar panels

    The wind farms in our North Sea logically only generate energy when it is windy, and there is a lot of empty space between the turbines. How can the capacity of those farms be utilised more efficiently? By partly filling in the empty space with floating solar panels.
    Hybrid wind and solar energy
SDGs: Our compass towards a better world