We are the Utrecht Plastic Sources, Sinks and Solutions (UPlasticS3) network. A unique combination of scientists with all expertises required for the optimal combination of solutions: natural sciences, law, governance and policy sciences. Individually, our breakthrough research is recognised and honoured - now is the opportunity to accelerate our team on the basis of excellent team-science, leading this important societal problem to workable solutions.

Illustratie: Aike Vonk
Illustration: Aike Vonk

Our goal

Plastic waste is a major environmental problem; both in magnitude and in complexity, with effective solutions inherently interdisciplinary. What is the most effective mix of solutions for plastic waste in the environment, and how can that effectiveness best be measured?

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Skyscraper: built and designed to generate attention to the huge amount of plastic waste that pollutes rivers, seas and oceans around the world.

What we have achieved

Meet our team


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