Critical Pathways Fellowships 2023

Whose voices will be heard in 2060?

In 2023, the research community Critical Pathways offers four residency stays, two in April and two in October. We invite national and international professionals to join our research community at Utrecht University for a period of two weeks and to reflect on the theme ‘Whose voices will be heard in 2060?’

Whose voices count when we envision a sustainable future? Considering who "we" are - Western society, governments, academics, specialists, policy officers, industries and corporations, or humans in general - is crucial. If we don’t start thinking about who "we" are now, a sustainable, just future for our planet in 2060 is not possible. With this fellowship we aim to develop creative ways to multiply "our" voices, also the many human and nonhuman ones that have not been heard so far.

Critical Pathways is an interdisciplinary research community within the broader strategic theme of Pathways to Sustainability, that aims to move beyond an understanding of sustainability narrowly focused on technology and solutions and ask questions about social, cultural and ecological norms and values, power relations, and global inequalities.

Who can apply?

We welcome applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions, such as (but not limited to) artists, academics, filmmakers, writers, journalists and activists.

What would the community like fellows to do?

The visiting fellows will contribute to the research activities of the community. During their stay, the fellows will be officially associated with Critical Pathways and have access to the office and meeting spaces, library and ICT resources of Utrecht University. Applications will be assessed according to their thematic relevance to research done by the community, and we invite applicants to especially highlight how their work investigates connections between global justice and questions of sustainability.

Preferably, during their stay the fellows will give an intensive masterclass in an existing (research) MA course. The relevant course instructor will guide the fellow and ensure the embedding of the masterclass within the course. Other forms of education participation are also possible.

The fellows are also asked to give a lecture on a topic of their choice. Other types of public activities are also conceivable, for example organizing a workshop for external stakeholders around the expertise of the fellow.

When to visit and what will the fellowship cover?

Critical Pathways provides a budget to cover travel and accommodation costs for a two week stay in Utrecht in either April or October.

How to apply?

Interested in applying for this fellowship? Please send a description of your intended project specifying your idea for a masterclass and a lecture topic and explain why it would fit especially well within Critical Pathways (500 words maximum) in combination with your CV and a proposed budget (travel, accommodation and possible visa-related costs) for your stay to

For the residency research stay in April, please apply by 15 February 2023.

For the residency research stay in October, please apply by 30 June 2023.