Sustainability Education and Engagement

The community Sustainability Education and Engagement aims to connect and develop initiatives for including sustainability knowledge, attitudes, and skills in education at Utrecht University, and in educating the general public through public engagement. A sustainable future is both dependent on and of the utmost importance for all people living on the planet. Therefore, the academic professionals of the future that Utrecht University educates to become leaders, thinkers and developers should have foundational knowledge about, and key competences and skills for, sustainability.

    The community’s aim is to connect and spur the conversation about sustainability attributes for UU graduates, also on the basis of research into the topic. The community will also investigate how these attributes relate to public engagement efforts, in order to determine what skills and attributes members of the public should have to engage in public debates on sustainability and how, in connection to the research in the other communities, UU can contribute to this.


    The aim of the Sustainability Education & Engagement community is:

    • That all UU students have a set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes for Sustainability after completing their degree
    • That UU students can deepen their knowledge and skills by doing extra courses, following a minor, and actively interact with society.
    • To actively connect students, faculty, and society to engage on sustainability


    Three important steps can be identified:

    1. Identify and connect current initiatives
    2. Develop broadly shared graduate attributes for Sustainability Education & Engagement, and a shared idea and practical implementation for how these attributes can be included in all UU programmes
    3. Develop new initiatives to create opportunities for additional knowledge and skills regarding Sustainability Education & Engagement, and connect these to already existing initiatives.

    Get involved

    We invite students and staff of all UU faculties, as well as societal partners to get involved in the community. Please get in touch with any of the members of the community core team, we all warmly invite you to do so, or send an email to to receive updates and invitations for community events.