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Keynote Speakers

Andrea Tilche
Head of Unit Climate Action and Earth Observation
European Commission
Title: Some science-policy considerations on sustainability

Rick van der Ploeg
Oxford Center for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies
University of Oxford, UK
Title: How to curb global warming to 2 degrees

Derek Elsworth
Center for Geomechanics, Geofluids and Geohazards
Pennsylvania State University, USA
Title: Subsurface Energy Choices Towards a Sustainable Future

Steve Evans
Center for Industrial Sustainability
University of Cambridge, UK
Title: Industrial Sustainability and the transformation to a sustainable world

Sybil Seitzinger
Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions
University of Victoria, Canada
Title: What are we forgetting when we talk about climate and sustainable development?


Parallell Sessions

Morning sessions

  1. Water, Climate and Ecosystems 
    Water, Ice and Climate - Walter Immerzeel | Rianne Giesen | Michiel van den Broeke
  2. Future Energy and Resources
    Geo-resources - Amir Raoof | Damien Bonte | Wen Liu
  3. Urban Sustainability and Environmental Security
    Creating Sustainable Cities (full description) - Gert Jan Kramer | Carlijn Kamphuis | Gideon Bolt | Interactive discussion 

Afternoon sessions

  1. Water, Climate and Ecosystems 
    Water, Nutrients and Ecosystems - George Kowalchuk | Maarten Braakhekke | Lauriane Vilmin
  2. Future Energy and Resources
    Chemical approaches - Marc-Etienne Moret | Florian Meier | Rosa Bulo
  3. Urban Sustainability and Environmental Security
    UU Urban Futures Studio introducing the “living lab” - Maarten Hajer, Jesse Hoffman en Erna Ruijer | Interactive discussion

For more details, have a look at the programme (pdf).



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