Public talks: Are sustainable futures possible? Critical thoughts for critical times

This project aims to organize two public talks and two lectures that will enrich the intellectual debates among the researchers, teachers, students and wider audience at Utrecht University. By organizing interdisciplinary events that critically engage with the burning question of what the future of sustainability holds, the project team aim to facilitate an environment for collective thinking and learning, together with well-known international experts in the field.

The team will invite two internationally recognized leading researchers in the field of extractivism, energy futures and sustaniability: Dr. Michael Degani (Cambridge University) and Dr. Gisa Weszkalnys (LSE). While the public talks will address a wide interdisciplinary audience and the lectures the variety of students, the audience will all get familiar with cutting edge research and engage with discussions on the question “Are sustainable futures possible?  The aims of these events are to enrich the Pathways to Sustainability program and impact, by providing cutting-edge insights from internationally renowned lecturers on the topics of sustainability and energy and by creating platforms which will facilitate critical thinking among the students and researchers.

The public talks and lectures will provide insights into the latest scientific developments in the field of topics of sustainability, globalization, and energy in an accessible way and will promote interdisciplinary and international approaches in research by offering public talks and lectures of two world-renowned experts.