The programme of the Pathways to Sustainability conference 2019 consisted of a plenary morning programme, a delicious vegan lunch, interactive break-out sessions, and a closing panel discussion. In between these programme elements, and at the end of the conference there was plenty of opportunity for networking and drinks at the Sustainable Marketplace.

The description of the programme, including the interactive break-out sessions that participants could choose from, can be found below the time schedule.

Time Description Speakers
9:00 Registration and coffee  
9:30 Welcome

Prof Henk Kummeling
(Rector Magnificus, Utrecht University)

Prof Maarten Hajer
(Pathways to Sustainability, Utrecht University)

Prof Marleen van Rijswick
(Utrecht University)

9:50 Keynote: 'Unmodern imaginaries: infrastructures for a sustainable world', with Q&A

Prof Sheila Jasanoff (Harvard University)

Introduced by Prof Johan Schot
(Utrecht University)

10:50 Coffeebreak at the Sustainable Market Place  
11:20 Keynote: 'Pathways to a more plant-based future'

Jeroen Willemsen (Green Protein Alliance)

Prof Denise de Ridder (Utrecht University)

12:00 Imagining sustainable futures

Diederik Samsom
(chair Klimaattafel Gebouwde Omgeving, nuclear physicist, former politician)

12:30 Vegetarian lunch at the Sustainable Market Place

Talk show: Teaching with society


Moderated by Astrid Mangnus and Jesse Hoffman 

14:00 Parallel break-out sessions  
  A. Circular cities: rethinking our infrastructures

Led by Prof Jochen Monstadt
(Utrecht University)

  B. Energy transition: pathways to decarbonise industry

Led by Prof Gert Jan Kramer
(Utrecht University)

  C. Protein transition: towards sustainable plant-based diets

Led by Prof Rens Voesenek
(Utrecht University)

  D. The Dutch Delta: imageries of the future

Led by Prof Hans Middelkoop
(Utrecht University)

  E. Circular economy: an answer to the plastic soup?

Led by Prof Ernst Worrell and Dr Walter Vermeulen (Utrecht University)

  F. The university as a living lab: shaping a sustainable campus

Led by Sake Slootweg, Laurens de Lange, and Joppe van Driel (Utrecht University)

15:30 Coffee break at the Sustainable Market Place  
16:00 Panel discussion: 'Knowledge for sustainability: should universities reinvent themselves?'

Diederik Samsom

Prof Frans Berkhout
(King’s College London)

Prof Marleen van Rijswick
(Utrecht University)

Prof Sybil Seitzinger
(University of Victoria)

Prof Appy Sluijs
(Utrecht University)

Elizabeth Dirth
(2050 Climate Group and Utrecht University)

17:00 Drinks at the Sustainable Market Place  


Moderator: Dr Vanessa Timmer (Utrecht University and One Earth).


9:50 Keynote Prof Sheila Jasanoff

11:20 Keynote Jeroen Willemsen, reflection by Prof Denise de Ridder

12:00 Inspirational speech Diederik Samsom

12:30 Talk show (during lunch)

14:00 Parallel break-out sessions

You can choose one of the following six interactive break-out sessions:

16:00 Panel discussion

Breaks at the Sustainable Market Place