Network for Environmental Humanities

Foto Winterwad van Siemen Dijkstra

This project aims to enable the further development of the Network for Environmental Humanities.

The Network for Environmental Humanities explores the entanglement of nature and culture from various perspectives, taking questions and approaches that lie at the core of the Humanities as the starting point. With open cooperation between the over 50 scholars affiliated with our Centre, we engage with questions of meaning, value, ethics, (climate and racial) justice, environmental politics, and the politics of knowledge production in the environmental domain.

This Centre serves as an important centre of expertise in the field of Sustainability research, covering all Humanities disciplines that Utrecht University has on offer. It serves as a partner for exchange and collaboration within the Pathways to Sustainability. The foundation of the network offers all members of the Pathways community an accessible way to get to know Humanities colleagues and perspectives and the project team hope through this funding that this project will facilitate the setting up of inclusive interdisciplinary projects.

In addition to reaching out to the Pathways community, the network has as its explicit aim to reach out to society to highlight the historical, artistic, cultural and ethical dimensions of the sustainability transition and to apply Humanities perspectives to address and cope with the challenges that we are faced with today and will be confronted with in the future.


This project was made possible through Pathways to Sustainability Seed funding.