FUTURE-PROOF PROTEINS: Bridging sustainability, health and equity in the protein transition.

This Incubator funded project aims to bring different aspects of the protein transition together.

Firstly, the team aim to promote an open, interdisciplinary exchange on the protein transition. Secondly, the project members want to unravel the factors that have the biggest potential to hamper the speed of the protein transition. The team believe it is not only about doing research, but also about valorizing our (already performed) research, and therefore they aim to come up with research, educational and impact goals to pursue for future project proposals.

Through a first workshop, the project team plan to address the following questions;

  • What is the health impact of the more sustainably produced proteins compared to the current non-sustainable protein intake?
  • Which cultural and/or historical aspects play a role in the choice of the consumer/corporates/governments to decide which option is ‘sustainable enough’?
  • What would be the best protein intake to obtain the best health outcomes?
  • What would be impact on the protein transition when not all current more sustainable protein sources would benefit human health?
  • Do we see a trade-off between human health and sustainability?
  • How will the protein transition be imbedded in the law and regulation to ensure a fair transition?
  • Is the embedment regulated nationally or internationally?
  • How far are consumers, corporates and governments prepared to go to change our food system and in which pace?
  • Which measurable outcomes are leading in this decision making?

Based on the outcomes of this first workshop, the team plan to develop separate workshops where they aim to formulate concrete action plans.