Educational Worldview Journey

worldview journey concept

Led by Annick De Witt and researchers from UU, this Seed awarded project aims to fully develop and pilot a learning experience called the Educational Worldview Journey by using the Worldview perspectives as a basis and through different types of learning methods. 

Driven by the belief that transformational education is crucial for supporting the upcoming generation of leaders and change-makers, and using worldviews as a structure, this learning module will encourage students to explore and reflect in a deep way towards their own and others assumptions, inviting perspective shifts.  

There are four different world view perspectives, modern, postmodern, traditional and integrative and depending on which perspective you hold, this will govern how you act and react and hence they are considered the root cause and the point of leverage for attending to the planetary crisis. It is divisiveness in views that blocks us for effectively addressing problems such as the climate crisis. 

Through engaging with the educational worldview journey, students have an opportunity to explore own view, exchange and communicate about differing stand points and through this exploratory dialogue they will expand their views and perspective, providing them, ultimately, with a broad overview of planetary perspectives. 

The project will use the Seed funding to fully develop, pilot, research and scale the Educational Worldview Journey, to its full fruition. 

Find out which world view perspective you have by taking the test here.

This project was made possible through Pathways to Sustainability Seed funding.