Critical Pathways believes that bottom-up initiatives are crucial in building a community. Therefore, we allocate 50% of our annual budget to fund initiatives proposed by members of our community. Critical Pathways funds initiatives that:

  • Contribute to the mission and objectives of Critical Pathways;
  • Align with the mission of the strategic theme Pathways to Sustainability;
  • Actively involve other members of the Critical Pathways community;
  • Are considerate of interdisciplinary exchange and conversation.

Community aims

The Critical Pathways community aims to:

  • Critically analyse power dynamics within a sustainability context at local, regional, and global levels;
  • Broaden academic discourse on sustainability by endorsing initiatives that seek to amplify the voices of marginalised human groups, as well as giving a voice to ecosystems and the more-than-human;
  • Strengthen the involvement of Social Sciences, Humanities and Law scholars in sustainability research and foster collaborations across all faculties;
  • Critically examine current narratives of sustainability and their alternatives;
  • Provide support for novel transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary endeavours.

Who can apply and what to apply for?

  • Employees and students of Utrecht University can act as main applicant;
  • In principle, you can apply for a maximum of €5.000 per initiative;
  • Due to institutional requirements, reduction of teaching hours will not be funded. Administrative or research assistance to conduct a project can be funded.

Application procedure

  • There are no fixes deadlines, you are welcome to apply throughout the year.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a case-by case basis by a committee composed of three community members from contributing faculties.
  • Applications can expect to receive a decision from the committee within one month, except during the months of July and August, as well as the period from mid-December to mid-January.
  • Applications are assessed on the basis of three criteria:
    • Alignment with the aims of the Critical Pathways community;
    • Potential for addressing wider interests of other Critical Pathways members;
    • Potential for generating future collaborations and societal impact. 

Application form

To apply, please send the application form to Tom Gerritsen at