Call for Applications: Critical Pathways Autumn Fellowship 2024

The Utrecht University research community Critical Pathways to Sustainability is pleased to announce four autumn residency opportunities for 2024. Through these stays, we aim to amplify voices that are currently underrepresented within our university yet possess the potential to enrich our academic ecosystem. We extend a warm invitation to individuals from all professional, cultural, disciplinary and geographical backgrounds, and we particularly encourage non-academics to apply, recognizing the transformative power of transdisciplinary collaboration. Fellows are invited to join our research community for a two-week period to delve into themes aligned with and advancing the community goals of Critical Pathways.  

Who can apply? 

We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds and professions, including (but not limited to) academics, activists, artists, conservationists, filmmakers, journalists, legal practitioners, policy makers, sustainability practitioners, writers, etc.  

What would the community like fellows to do? 

Visiting fellows are tasked with contributing to the objectives of Critical Pathways by critically reflecting on dominant pathways that shape the sustainability transition. They are encouraged to contribute to our efforts to move the university community and society at large beyond a narrow understanding of sustainability focused solely on technology and solutions, and to include considerations of social, cultural and ecological norms and values, power relations, and global inequalities.  

Fellows will also organize an activity relevant to the broader research community, which could take various forms such as a masterclass, a lecture, or other formats according to the fellow's preference (e.g., a performance, a film screening, etc.) Other types of public activities are also conceivable, for example organizing a workshop for external stakeholders around the expertise of the fellow. Participating in classes being taught at the university is also a possibility which would be supported.  

Applicants are encouraged to craft fellowship proposals that align to the core themes of our community: 

  • Power Dynamics and Sustainability 

  • From Anthropocentrism to Ecocentrism 

  • Envisioning Post-Capitalist Sustainable Futures 

  • Advancing Global Justice through Sustainability Transitions 

When to visit and what will the fellowship cover? 

Critical Pathways offers a budget to cover travel, accommodation, subsistence and visa expenses for a two-week stay in Utrecht between 18 November and 13 December 2024, up to a maximum of €5.000. If necessary, our community can assist in arranging travel to and accommodation in Utrecht. Fellows are encouraged to plan their visit to coincide with the annual Pathways to Sustainability Conference, allowing them to participate in that transdisciplinary event taking place on November 28th in Utrecht. 

During their stay, the fellows will be officially associated with Critical Pathways and will have access to the office and meeting spaces, the university library and ICT resources. Fellows will be integrated into our community, providing an excellent opportunity to connect and collaborate with leading scholars from various fields. 

How to apply? 

Interested in applying for this fellowship? Please complete this form and send it, together with your CV, to coordinator Tom Gerritsen at Deadline: 25 May 2024, 23:59 CEST.  

Selection procedure 

The Critical Pathways board is responsible for processing all fellowship applications. An assessment committee comprising three community members with different disciplinary backgrounds and the community coordinator will identify suitable candidates for presentation to the board, who will make the final decision. 

Applications will be evaluated based on thematic relevance, alignment with community aims, and applicant profiles.  

Candidates will be notified of the outcome within six weeks after the deadline.