WCE research on climate focusses on

  • atmospheric dynamics;
  • land-atmosphere feedbacks;
  • the role of ice sheets in the climate system;
  • atmospheric chemistry;
  • and the the use of models and marine and terrestrial proxies.

to study the climate of the past. The combination of these research efforts serves to understand the dynamics of the climate system. This is important as it helps to better project to what degree temperature and precipitation and their extremes will change  under increased CO2-content and whether changes will be gradual or abrupt. This information in turn will help the design of mitigation and adaptation measures. Additionally, insight into climate and weather dynamics may help to assess and enhance the degree of predictability of current and future weather.

Research questions

  • How sensitive is the Antarctic ice sheet to global warming?¬†
  • What happens in a greenhouse world?
  • What is the sensitivity of the climate system to changing CO2
  • Will changes be gradual or abrupt?
  • What happens to weather extremes in a warming climate?
  • What is the forecast horizon of weather predictions?
We measure precisely how the climate is affecting the ice caps

Professor Michiel van den Broeke