Our vision

Comprehensive and truly multi-disciplinary 

Our approach is truly multi-disciplinary, drawing from a wide spectrum of expertise that can be offered by Utrecht University. A vast range of disciplines enables a whole-system analysis of the earth’s climate system and aids the search for attainable adaptation strategies to maintain water security and biodiversity.

Internationally recognized in all domains

In each domain of WCE, Utrecht University employs internationally recognized scientists as testified by citation records, prizes and research grants awarded. WCE researchers have notable impact in their fields with research that is frequently covered in press and media.

Economic and societal impacts

WCE research has considerable societal and economic impact. It is prominent in the last IPCC report and contributes amongst others to:

  • flood risk assessments;
  • water scarcity analyses and adaptation;
  • managing terrestrial ecosystems;
  • underpinning fisheries quota;
  • designing nature-based coastal defences;
  • and providing regional scenarios for climate change and sea-level change.

These contributions are provided in close cooperation with our partners that constitute the bridge between science and society.