Adequate supplies of energy and resources are central to our society. Be it for domestic use, industrial use, healthcare, or food production, access to these commodities is essential for all. Sustainable solutions to the exploding global demand for energy and resources depend on breakthroughs in science. 

Sustainable solutions to the exploding global demand for energy and resources depend on breakthroughs in science

Dealing with the challenges of achieving a sustainable future requires not only the development of new and more efficient technologies, but also changes in institutions, behaviour, business models, markets, policies and lifestyles. At Utrecht University we study our sustainable future as well as the required transitions towards a more sustainable society.

Transitional and renewable energy and resources

We study the development of smart, sustainable materials and systems for generating, storing and saving energy, on the one hand, while making better, low-carbon use of current energy sources, such as natural gas, on the other. We focus on geothermal energy, for example, and on catalysts for the conversion of natural gas and biomass, as well as on means of storing sustainably produced energy in forms ranging from chemical bonds to compressed gases contained in geological storage systems. Our research thus provides society with the knowledge and tools needed for developing cleaner and renewable production options and for more efficiently utilizing the different forms of energy and resources available.  

Joint projects

Through recognizing the common ground that exists in fundamental scientific approaches and methodologies, employed in energy and materials research in the disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences, unique collaborations have been established  through joint projects tackling processes occurring at scales ranging from the atomic and nanometer scale to the mm, cm, meter and field scales.

Future Energy and Resources is part of the Utrecht University research theme Sustainability.


Geothermische installatie
23 April 2018
Utrecht University is exploring the possibility of building the first geothermal power station in Utrecht.
Nano-architectuur: nikkeldeeltjes zo klein als één veertigduizendste van een menselijke haar zijn de beste katalysatoren voor CO2-omzetting
29 January 2018
Mechanism of CO2-conversion catalysed by nickel nanoparticles unlocked for 'power-to-gas' concept
18 January 2018
Birka Wicke has been researching the harmful effects of palm oil for the past ten years.
Veel uitstoot
12 December 2017
Policymakers and other stakeholders will have to address the role of NETs, in order to make an informed decision on post-2050 pathways.
Bert Klein Gebbink en Henk Dijkstra
27 November 2017
The physics and chemistry research at Utrecht University is world-leading, both in its quality and its relevance.