Constructing success: from cases to theory

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This project provides both the theoretical foundation for the research program as a whole, as well as an innovative methodology for assessing governance arrangements.

Firstly, we collate, compare and combine existing theories and research on (good) governance and on policy, organizational and collaborative success to create a common footing for the research team.

Secondly, we will develop new methodologies to assess the social construction of performance and legitimacy in the community deliberation of the public, politicians and professionals. We will conduct vignette experiments among panels of citizens, public policy professionals and academic experts to examine their beliefs about success in governance and how it can be achieved, controlling for background factors, framing effects and the influence of group deliberation.

Research in Constructing Success

Paul 't Hart, Dienen en Beïnvloeden: Verhalen Over Ambtelijk Vakmanschap, Den Haag: NSOB 2018. Download the book and/or separate case studies at