Projects Sport and Society

Sport & Society is involved in three types of research projects:

First stream projects

Examples of first stream funded projects:

  • Violent behaviour among young people at the football field
    Contact: Dr. Jeroen Vermeulen 
  • Sports dialogues: exploring the role of sports activities and sports facilities for refugee youth at a reception centre
    Contact: Dr. Maikel Waardenburg 
  • Negotiating integrity: A comparative study of the public discussion and internal management of referee incidents in professional and amateur football in the Netherlands
    Contact: Dr. Kim Loyens 
  • How active is the Dutch youth with chronic disease/disability and how accessible is our society to promote physical activity in youth with chronic disability/disease?
    Contact: Dr. Tim Takken.

Second stream projects

Examples of second stream funded projects

  • Member of the club: Organized sports and sustainable social bonding (funding: NWO)

Contact: Prof. dr. Maarten van Bottenburg 

  • Towards optimal usage of sportfacilities to stimulate sports participation (funding: NWO)

Contact: Dr. Ir. Dick Ettema

  • Acute enkelblessures bij voetballende meisjes: het preventieve effect van een voetbal-enkelbrace (funding ZonMW)

Contact: Dr. Bionka Huisstede

Third stream projects

Third stream projects are funded by public or private organizations. The societal relevance of our research has been recognized by societal partners, which resulted in contract research to the value of over €1 million. Examples of current contract research partners are Johan Cruyff Foundation, Council of Utrecht, KNVB, NOC*NSF and various ministries. Also, Sport & Society is involved in several Erasmus+ projects, funded by the European Union.

Contact: Dr. Frank van Eekeren