Organisation Sport and Society

The dean of the faculty of Law, Economics and Governance, Annetje Ottow, is responsible for this focus area. Leading professors (Frank Backx, Cok Bakker, Maarten van Bottenburg, Martin Dijst and Louk Vanderschuren) form the executive board of this focus area supported by a coordinator (Frank van Eekeren).

At least two times per year all Utrecht scientists related to Sport & Society will meet during symposia or counter days and they will be facilitated to exchange information easily through the website and social media.

Sport & Society’s targets are aimed at academic development and quality, and societal relevance. Stimulus and breeding money is meant to enhance academic output and applications for bulky grants, such as Horizon 2020 en Erasmus+ and NWO. Twice per year Sport & Society will launch a call for ‘stimulus money’ and ‘breeding money.’

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