Movement(s) along the Balkan Route: Borders, Citizenship, and Everyday Geopolitics


Movements along the Balkan Route

This project investigates the dynamics of migratory movements along the Balkan Route, and what forms of social movements and citizenship these movements engender. Scholars of migration have recently proposed that we may think of migration as a social movement in its own right, and this project aims to make an ethnographic intervention through exploration of a context in which migratory movements and social movements intersect. Focusing on makeshift ‘camps’, grassroots humanitarian organisations, municipal offices, and townscapes around the Croatian-Bosnian border, this project explores the dynamics of intersecting movements in what is currently one of the world’s most difficult and volatile migration bottlenecks.

Key publications

Marsden, Magnus, Diana Ibañez Tirado, & David Henig. 2016. Everyday Diplomacy: Insights from Ethnography, The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology 34 (2): 2-126.