Migration and democratisation. The political practice of migrant organizations in Chile


    This research is situated among the studies approaching migration, paying special attention to the political horizons lifted by migrant communities and their organizations in Chile. My aim is to explore the views on participation, belonging and citizenship in the overall process of democratization that Chile is undergoing since the restoration of democracy in 1990. Rather than taking migrants’ claims for granted I have set out to get to know what their political participation means for them, and how their narratives of belonging are challenging, historicizing and/or reconceptualizing citizenship. Through ethnographic work carried out with organizations formed by migrants in different cities of Chile, I delve into the different repertoires of political practice and their ways of organizing at the local level, translocally and in an international level.

    Key publications: (in press) Participación, ciudadanía y demandas de inclusión. El caso de las organizaciones migrantes en Chile. Ciudadanías: coexistencia y diferencia en el Chile actual. Reflexiones interdisciplinares en tiempos de transformación. (Risør, H., Murray, M. & Hernández, T. (eds.) (2023). Pehuen Editores.