Bosnian Fluxes: Everyday entanglements of war, postsocialism and (neo)liberalization in Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnian fluxes

This research project, funded by the Czech Science Foundation, is concerned with “entanglements” – situated, heterogeneous, and uncertain relations and meshwork – of the 1992–1995 war’s aftermath, post-socialist transformations, and (neo)liberalization in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and how these entanglements shape and reshape citizens’ everyday lives in terms of spatiotemporal belonging, care, and statistical imagination since the Dayton Peace Agreement.

Key publications

Henig, David. 2020. Remaking Muslim Lives: Everyday Islam in Postwar Bosnia and Herzegovina. Chicago, Urban, Il.: University of Illinois Press.

Henig, David. 2019. “Economic Theologies of Abundance: Halal Exchange and the Limits of Neoliberal Effects in Post-War Bosnia–Herzegovina.” Ethnos 84, no. 2: 223–240.