Cybersecurity Education

A healthy society is dependent on a trustworthy digital infrastructure for providing critical services, maintaining a healthy economy, and for providing new opportunities for innovation.

Cybersecurity is concerned with protecting and guaranteeing such a trustworthy digital infrastructure. Cybersecurity is not only about technical measures and stopping malignant actors: it is about creating a technically savvy and resilient society that is aware of the risks, knows how to defend against those risks, is implementing mechanisms for avoiding those risks, and knows how to handle in case one of the risks is realized. At Utrecht University we wish to educate young scientists and professionals that are aware of the role of cybersecurity in organizations and daily life.

We meet educational needs from society (computer science, information science, algorithms and software technology, artificial intelligence, business informatics, data science, game technology, human computer interaction), and prepare our students for future developments. Students at the ICS department belong to the top graduates in the country and will end up playing a key role in our digital society. Whether they are graduates of one of the master or bachelor programs, all our future alumni will be confronted with cybersecurity risks. Many of them will play a key part in the design of solutions and risk mitigations. In the following sections we demonstrate what role cybersecurity plays in our programs.

Cybersecurity courses in the department

The following courses offer cybersecurity aspects: 

CourseSizeSuitable for
Information Security7.5 ECBachelor's students Informatiekunde
Security7.5 ECBachelor's students Informatica
Recht en Informatica7.5 ECBachelor's students Informatica & Information Sciences
Software Architecture7.5 ECMaster's students
Language Based Security7.5 ECMaster's students
Software Ecosystems Security7.5 ECMaster's students


We currently have over 30 projects available on Konjoin (search: security) about cybersecurity. Furthermore, several courses are offered, but these are not embedded into one theme.

The staff willing to supervise projects on cybersecurity are at least the following colleagues:

  • Slinger Jansen
  • Kate Labunets
  • Marco Vassena
  • Gerard Tel

Besides, we have many partnerships with companies in the industry and are willing to support students in finding graduation projects at these companies.

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