ServiciFi: Mining Services from Legacy Systems

ServiciFi: Mining Services from Legacy Systems

Jurriaan Hage, Slinger Jansen, Ravi Khadka, Amir Saeidi, Sjaak Brinkkemper, Johan Jeuring

Scheme of evolution planning, and evolution implementation and planning in mining services from legacy systems

In the financial services domain, large monoliths of software products are used to control all financial flows in any type of organization. Software monoliths have several well-known disadvantages, recognized by both the vendors and customers of these software products. Examples of these disadvantages are inflexibility, domain unspecificity, and the fact that these systems tend to be hard to maintain. Both vendors and customers of these systems are perfectly aware that better and cheaper customer specific solutions can be created along the service oriented paradigm. It is non-trivial, however, for vendors of monoliths to chop up their product into complete, secure, deployable, and useful services to be reused in service configurations. This project aims to extract large numbers of services from monolithic products and open source components in the financial services domain using the Service Extraction Process.

Scheme of extracting functions from applications

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