Responsible Software

Responsible Software
Socio-environmental auditing is the process of assessing and reporting the social and environmental effects of an enterprise’s economic actions: it is at the core of every responsible enterprise!

We are a team of passionate and expert researchers. These are some of the competences we apply to support the mission of responsible enterprises:  responsible enterprise modelling, business process management, socio-environmental business intelligence, model-driven software engineering, requirements engineering, open source software.

These are some of the projects we are now running with the support of bachelor and master students.

Information technology sustainability auditing of the ITS Department of Utrecht University.

We are defining a protocol and preparing the instruments to measure how sustainable the department processes and technologies are (green data centres, e-waste management, sustainability awareness, etc.), and to define a set of improvement actions to be carried out during the following months.

Scheme on Sustainability Auditing of the ITS Department

Improvement of sustainability measurement frameworks

Socio-environmental auditing practices are very diverse and there are many initiatives intending to standardise them; e.g. Global Reporting Initiative, Common Good Matrix, B Corp, ISO 26000, SA8000, SASB, LEED, Fair Trade, REAS Social Audit. We aim to:


  • Improve measurement frameworks and sustainability maturity models.
  • Achieve interoperability of measurement frameworks.
  • Improve the technology to support measurements.
  • Help enterprises in adopting these frameworks and using them to become more sustainable and also gain competitive advantage.
Scheme on Socio-Environmental Auditing

Increasing user engagement in ICT-based social innovation projects

The value of such projects is exponentially proportional to the amount of users. But users do not come automatically; they need to be engaged but this has proved to be complex. We are investigating the reasons for user (dis)engagement and creating a repository of best practices and software patterns that positively contribute to keep users committed with and active in the project.

infographic on responsible enterprises

We have many more exciting projects waiting to be started (e.g. investigating social clauses in public ICT procurement, designing a sustainable ICT enterprise incubation hub, engineering methods for responsible enterprise modelling and reengineering, investigating the social and environmental impacts of the globalised software industry, deigning responsible management software for thriving in vibrant ecosystems, investigating the role of open source software in increasing the responsibility of enterprises, developing tools to support responsible consumerism and marketing, etc.).

If you are a bachelor or master student and you are interested in this research line, feel free to contact us. If you are a responsible enterprise or a researcher with similar interests we want to meet you! We are willing to investigate your challenges and we can help you analyse and improve your enterprise, collaborate in aligning the information and communication technology with your strategy, assist you in using technology as a leverage to increase the transparency and democracy within your organisation, or measure your social and environmental impact.