Software Producing Organizations, i.e., open source and commercial organizations producing mass-market software, are increasingly engineering Very Large Software Systems. This presents many challenges such as managing large service configurations, maintaining end-user variability, deployment on heterogeneous cloud ecosystems, managing system security, and handling complex errors.

scheme on System Performance Testing

The AMUSE research project is an academic collaboration between Utrecht University, Free University of Amsterdam, and AFAS Software to address software composition, configuration, deployment and monitoring challenges on heterogeneous cloud ecosystems through ontological enterprise modelling. In the project, the correlation between software model and resource requirements will be studied for finding optimal configuration and deployment on heterogeneous cloud. Moreover, an autonomous and self-adaptive software ecosystem will be realised by developing a set of software operation knowledge tools that observe and analyse the behaviour of model-driven development software systems in the cloud.

Scheme on model driven could applications
Steering Committee
Sjaak Brinkkemper       Utrecht University
Hajo Reijers       Free University of Amsterdam
Rolf de Jong       AFAS

More details on the AMUSE project and our collaboration partners can be found on the AMUSE Project Page.