Piet Gros

Complement studied more closely
Piet Gros
Piet Gros is Professor of Crystallogaphy at the Department of Chemistry. In 2010 he was awarded a Spinoza Prize for elucidating the three-dimensional structure of C3, a key protein in the complement system.

The complement system is an important part of our immune system. It is a collection of proteins that attacks and eliminates pathogens. Piet Gros tries to recreate the complement system as accurately as possible. By placing the individual proteins in a crystal grid, he is able to study their shape and function. 

Gros: "At the molecular level, we look at elements that are involved in this aspect of the immune system. We want to understand how danger is recognised at such a small level, and how this is turned into actions." 

Piet Gros - Complement system (YouTube subtitles available)