Utrecht University pursues integrity, sustainability and transparency in dealing with research data. Research Data Management Support, a multidisciplinary network of data experts within Utrecht University, offers its researchers and research groups the associated training, tools, infrastructure, guidance and support.


Research Data Management Support
9 January 2019
[interview] Isaura Wayop of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine tells about her research and the help she gets from data consultants.
Onderzoek in het KinderKennisCentrum
21 December 2018
The data managementplan for YOUth gives guidance and structure.
18 December 2018
Open Science, what is that again? And wat happened in 2018, that is to change the landscape of academic research in 2019 forever?
1 November 2018
Utrecht University’s fund for innovation in research calls for proposals until 1 December 2018.
Big Data
1 November 2018
[Blog by Annemiek van der Kuil] The introductory programme Research Data Management is a must for data specialists.