Pilot transcription service Amberscript

What Amberscript is 

For automatic transcription of audio and video files, you can use Amberscript. This tool is approved for the use of sensitive data. 

Please note: This is a pilot with the online tool Amberscript. It runs from October 17, 2022 to September 30, 2023. If you want to use this service, we ask you to give feedback. By sharing your experience, we can improve the service.

Who can use this service? 

This service is available for all researchers at Utrecht University. Unfortunately, students are excluded from participating in this pilot.

How you can use it for your research 

Researchers at Utrecht University can create an Amberscript account by logging in with their institutional account using their Solis-id. Please check the Amberscript manual to see which steps you take to login. 

The advantages of Amberscript 

In the past years researchers used external transcription services. They mostly used Amberscript as favourite supplier. Amberscript has several advantages: 

  • transcription can be done in various languages; 
  • Amberscript has a handy editor with a glossary; 
  • The user interface is user friendly. 

By offering this tool centrally, the university could negotiate lower costs. Furthermore, the service now complies with the privacy and information security requirements of Utrecht University. 

How to use it? 

Please check the manual for an explanation of how to use Amberscript. 

What are the costs for using this tool? 

For this pilot, Utrecht University purchased one thousand audio hours, so costs will not be charged to your faculty. We maintain a fair-use policy. This means 

  • we ask you to not ask more transcription hours than you need; 
  • if you need five hundred hours or more transcription time, it is not possible to participate in the pilot. Please contact us for alternative options. 
  • the transcription hours you want to use, should be used within a short period of time. It is not possible to reserve hours for a project starting in six months' time. 

If this service is continued after this pilot (as of October 2023), costs will be charged to your faculty. 



For your feedback on Amberscript or for questions about using Amberscript, please contact us via transcriptie@uu.nl

Please check the manual for an explanation of how to use Amberscript.

Use cases 

Coming soon.