Tailored IT solutions

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Examples of our tailored solutions 

  • IT infrastructure for Youth
    Research Data Management Support helped to plan and design a data management system and IT infrastructure for Youth, a major university research project supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The project aims to collect a decade’s worth of data on healthy children (ages 0-16) to identify developmental success factors. It therefore had crucial requirements in terms of quality of data storage and privacy. Using iRods technology, the RDM team developed Yoda – a hardware and software package with a unique quality-control portal for input, well-structured storage and central facilities that guarantee all data is usable, findable and completely secure.
  • NMR and WeNMR facilities back-up
    Utrecht University features a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) research lab with very unique facilities that are available to qualified, national and EU researchers through various large-scale facility projects. This ongoing collaboration generates a great deal of valuable data. To facilitate and streamline the interpretation of the data, a variety of services are offered through the WeNMR portal (FP7 EU eInfrastructure project) to a large and worldwide community of users. For maximum security in the event of fire, blackouts or similar events, it was obviously crucial that a second data and web portal back-up is established outside of the lab. The RDM team realised a complete and fully automatic disaster recovery back-up service for the NMR group's Linux-based systems that takes place at a remote location every day. 
The collaboration with the Data Management Support team has been particularly pleasant and successful, with short lines of communication and an open attitude toward supporting research.
prof.A.M.J.J. (Alexandre) Bonvin
Professor Biomolecular Sciences
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