Decision aid data repositories

Decide which data repository you should choose to publish your data.

What do you want

You may have several reasons to publish and share your data. E.g. you want to make your data findable, accessible, citable or you want to comply with funder requirements. Whatever your reason may be, choose your goal and follow the links:

  1. I need an introduction to the subject
    Read our guide to 'Publishing and sharing data';  
  2. I want to find out whether a data repository for my research discipline exists
    Check to find discipline-specific repositories;
  3. I want to use a generic data repository and choose the desired properties
    Use the decision tool below. 

Decision tool 

The decision tool includes:

  • (DANS) EASY  (for humanities and social sciences)
  • 4TU.ResearchData (for geo, engineering and technical sciences)
  • DataverseNL (s a system to preserve, share and publish data while keeping datasets together as a collection). 
  • B2Share (for European scientists and researchers to store and share small-scale research data)
  • Zenodo (a generic data repository for EC funded research)
  • Dryad (a general-purpose home for a wide diversity of data types)
  • Figshare (to manage, publish and share research data). 
  • Open Science Framework (OSF) (Open source environment to cooperate in projects)
  • Yoda (Institutional research data storage platform from Utrecht University)

Based on your requirements, you will be advised on a top 3 of appropriate repositories for your research data. 


NB This BETA version is being tested by Research Data Management Support. Please contact us if you are in need of advice.