Data management solutions

Overview of data management solutions which support your research workflow.

1. Solutions which Utrecht University supports.


Data management need
With Yoda your research group can:

  • save, manage and share large amounts of data in a cost-effective way, both during and after your research project;
  • add value to your data by making it findable and reusable while preserving intellectual property;
  • ensure that your research is verifiable and reproducible. 
  • monitor the integrity of the data and document data use during all steps of your research project. 

Yoda offers a complete set of functions to implement your data management. The main ones are:

  • Data is stored in a safe where it can not be changed or deleted. Encrypted replicas are archived outside the institution by EUDAT, the European research data infrastructure;
  • Data is grouped into data sets defined per user group and which can be enriched with metadata;
  • Persistent keys are created to make your data sets citable;
  • Versions of the datasets can be kept in order to monitor the use of data during all phases of the research;
  • User management tools can be used to authorize internal and external users to use your datasets;
  • Your data is accessible as a network drive (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) wherever you are.

Yoda is a data management solution developed by UU for reliable, long-term storing and preservation of large amounts of research data during all stages of a research project. 

Suitable for privacy-sensitive data
Yes (suitable for Data Classification Sensitive, **).

Yes, automatic.

Data will be stored at at least two locations for recovery purposes at a price of  €4 per TB/month. This is two times the price of storing the data on one location.

How to get access
Contact RDM Support for help and questions.


Data management need
You want to streamline your workflow and:

  • log experimental data;
  • track sample collections;
  • manage protocols/SOP's; 
  • order lab supplies. 

eLabJournal is a versatile laboratory data and workflow management system. You can also use Microsoft OneNote in the Virtual Knowledge Center.

How to get access
You will find more information on the intranet or contact

Git service to manage source code

Data management need
You develop software and want to:

  • have a centralised, cloud-based location where your teams can store, share, publish, test and collaborate on web development projects;
  • manage versions; 
  • have your code stored in the Netherlands;   
  • be able to work offline.

The Faculty of Science provides a Git service for researchers. This is a version control system primarily used for software development. Your code is stored in a safe environment and is protected by Dutch law. You control who can see and can't see your source code.

How to get access
Contact RDM Support for more information.  

2. Recommended external solutions

Open Science Framework

Data management need
You want to: 

  • Manage your project
    Keep all your files, data, and protocols in one centralized location. 
  • Control access
    You control which parts of your project are public or private making it easy to collaborate with the worldwide community or just your team.
  • Quickly share files
    Share key project information and allow others to use and cite it.
  • Manage your workflow
    You can connect selected third party services like GitHub, Dataverse or Figshare directly to the Open Science Framework.
  • Publish data with a persistent identifier
    At the end of your project or for important intermediary products you can publish in the Open Science Framework, so they will be unchanging.

Open Science Framework.

How to get access
See Open Science Framework for more information.