Research Engineers

As a researcher you may want to know which technologies are available to answer your research question. Or you would like to use a specific technology or data source, but need guidance or support to do so. The research engineering team can help you with these issues.

We support researchers at Utrecht University in applying digital technologies in various stages of their research. We can help you with technological challenges on, for example, data handling and computing, but we also consult on methodological issues, like the selection of the most suitable research approach or the validation of results.

We collaborate with researchers from a wide variety of domains. In each project we gain new knowledge and expertise, which we can apply in our following projects, often in other domains. Our mission is to use digital technologies to boost research at Utrecht University.

Our Research Engineers

These Research engineers offer you their expertise

  • Roel Brouwer
  • Kees van Eijden
  • Casper Kaandorp
  • Raoul Schram
  • Jelle Treep
  • Martine de Vos
  • Parisa Zahedi
  • Casper Kaandorp
  • Leonardo Vida
  • Roos Voorvaart

How a research engineer can help you

We offer a broad range of skills and expertise including, but not limited to:

  • Data collection and analysis, e.g.,
    • web scraping
    • processing sensor data
    • neural networks
    • audio and video analysis
    • text mining
    • network analysis
    • geospatial analyses
  • Computing, e.g.,
    • selection and use of High Performance Computing facilities
    • parallelization and optimization
  • Software development, e.g.,
    • python, R, matlab
    • shiny apps
    • git
    • unit testing
    • continuous integration

How we work

In our engineering projects, we closely work together with researchersfor a specific period. Our approach combines experience in both academic research and engineering. We have a diverse group of engineers with a variety of skills and expertise.

We provide consultancy and engineering, both as free services. Consultancy in your project is always possible. Due to our limited capacity, our engineering support in your project cannot be guaranteed. Our aim is to help researchers throughout Utrecht University and to keep innovating as a team, so we select our projects accordingly.

Would you like consultancy or support on research engineering in your project, you can contact RDM Support or our team directly.