Experienced data managers

Every research performed involves data or source files at some level. Whether it contains measurements on humans or animals, book references or musical scores. In all cases, care must be taken to handle the files correctly for it to be safely stored and easily accessed by the involved researchers and in many cases external researchers. For those challenges RDM Support offers help through experienced data managers.

How a data manager can help you

  • Set up a workflow for responsible data management for a research project;
  • Help getting data ready for publishing;
  • Cleaning, formatting, versioning;
  • Uploading data and safe guarding data.

These data managers offer you their expertise

Data managers as an embedded solution

Now that accessibility of science becomes more important for scientific funding, data reuse, and scientific integrity, extra effort is given towards data management. Utrecht University Library offers a pool of data managers to help you in any stage of your research with managing data. This help can be advice or setting up workflows regarding data management. It can also include working alongside researchers to upload data, store data, preserve data, publish data, etc.

What I am in fact doing all day is solving all kinds of puzzles. I examine how to improve work flow efficiency. It is my job to support researchers in processing data, so that they can focus on the essence of their research work.

The data managers are available as a paid service, either part-time or full time for a specific period.

A data manager for your project has the following advantages:

  • experience with knowledge of (local) guidelines and regulations;
  • someone who is linked to a large network of people with highly specialized knowledge within Utrecht University;
  • flexible, part-time, and on a temporary basis;
  • you get continuity in service throughout and between projects;
  • you’ll be part of a growing body of knowledge within Utrecht University;
  • it is financially attractive (less expensive than hiring an external data manager).

If you need help or are interested in having a data manager help you out on data management issues, please contact RDM Support.