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Research Data Management Support
21 October 2019
[interview] Our RDM Support data manager Lena Karvovskaya shares her story about her work as a data manager and her vision on Open Science.
Portretfoto Cathalijn Leenaars
7 October 2019
[interview] In this interview, Cathalijn Leenaars talks about how the R Cafe has helped her further in her research on the translation of animal studies
24 June 2019
[interview] In this interview, Chantal Kemner shares her concept of team science and its importance in making progress in understanding child development.
Portretfoto Erik van Sebille
7 May 2019
[interview] Erik van Sebille, oceanographer at the Faculty of Science, tells about his research and the development of a community code.
Portret Mariana Simoes between trees
28 March 2019
[interview] In this interview, PhD Mariana Simões tells about High Performance Computing (HPC).
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19 February 2019
[Blog by Richard van Lange] Imagine a tool that combines most of your research data management systems so you can access them from a single portal...
7 February 2019
[interview] Niko Wanders, assistant professor at Geosciences, tells about his research and the importance of data sharing.
Research Data Management Support
9 January 2019
[interview] Isaura Wayop of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine tells about her research and the help she gets from data consultants.
Onderzoek in het KinderKennisCentrum
21 December 2018
[Blog by Ron Scholten] The data managementplan for YOUth gives guidance and structure.
Big Data
1 November 2018
[Blog by Annemiek van der Kuil] The introductory programme Research Data Management is a must for data specialists.
Icon of a magnifying glass which focuses on finding data
16 October 2018
[Blog by Frans de Liagre Böhl] Will Google Data Search become as populair as Google Scholar?
High Performance Computing
14 August 2018
[Blog] MATLAB is a versatile software environment for scientists used for analysing data, developing algorithms, models & performing simulations.
funding guide RDM
2 July 2018
[Blog] Three steps to reduce your costs for datamanagement
13 June 2018
[Blog] Yoda provides an integrated digital environment for your datasets.
SURF Roadshow bus
3 April 2018
[Blog] Don't miss the SURF Research Roadshow Bus: The roadshow truck tours 10 Dutch Universities in a time span of 3 weeks all across the country.
Illustration of an innovation funnel
22 February 2018
[Blog] How we develop new services
Picture of the event ‘data science day'
1 February 2018
[Blog] Preparations for this year's Data Science Day have started
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19 January 2018
[Blog] we are developing  an online training in which you learn to write your own data management plan.
Logo of encryption service Boxcryptor
9 January 2018
[Blog] RDM support is developing Boxcryptor into a tool for data encryption for UU researchers.