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Utrecht Bioinformatics Center

The focus area Utrecht Bioinformatics Center combines data from various sources and research methods to gain a better insight in the various cellular processes. By sharing knowledge and methods, our approach allows for the integration of information at the level of DNA, genes, proteins and metabolites, thus yielding a comprehensive picture.

Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS)

This institute focuses on processes around discovery, development, and use of drugs and medical nutrition using molecular and technological principles from the Natural and Life Sciences.

Virtual Worlds

The research line studies both the fundamental modeling and algorithmic aspects of virtual worlds and the application of such techniques in games.

Utrecht Centre for Water, Oceans, and Sustainability Law (UCWOSL)

The Utrecht Centre for Water, Oceans and Sustainability (UCWOSL) researches how law can contribute to a sustainable management of oceans, freshwater systems and deltas.

Water, Climate & Ecosystems

We study the full spectrum of water, from the interaction between oceans, ice caps and ecosystems to the quality and availability of our drinking water.