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Child Health

The Child Health program aims at linking top referent care for pediatric patient groups and prevention of chronic disorders in children so they will become healthy adults.

Circulatory Health

Advancing cardiovascular research for the benefit of patients and the general population requires a multidisciplinary approach, including basic and applied research.

Coastal and Shelf Sea Dynamics

Research in this theme focuses on the interactions between the water motion, sediment transport and bottom changes in coastal seas and estuaries.

Coastal Morphodynamics

We aim to understand and predict the natural and human-induced dynamics of coasts on time scales of a single storm to a century.

Cognitive and Clinical Psychology

In this Research Priority we investigate psychological processes. We describe and approach them at the fundamental, neurobiological and applied level.

Communication Studies

Communication is studied at Utrecht University both from the perspective of language and of media.

Complex Systems Studies

The focus area Complex Systems Studies brings together the fundamental knowledge and models of complex systems with empirical knowledge and data from society. Connecting the dots for a better understanding of our world.

Condensed Matter & Interfaces

This research group centres on the chemistry and physics of solids and interfaces.

Condensed-Matter Theory, Statistical and Computational Physics

The general goal of this research theme is to obtain a fundamental understanding of macroscopic phenomena on the basis of microscopic many-body theories.

Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development

The Copernicus Institute investigates and develops processes and opportunities for innovative change towards sustainability.

Cryo-Electron Microscopy

This research group studies the structural basis of biochemical processes in cells using cryo-electron microscopy approaches.

Crystal and Structural Chemistry

This research group is focused on crystallography with main research lines in structural biology, chemical crystallography and crystallographic methods.

Cultural History

The Utrecht Cultural History research group focuses on the international dimensions of cultural modernity in historical perspective.

Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science

At the Debye Institute for Nanomaterial(s) Science, chemistry and physics meet to study the properties of materials at the nanoscale, with a specific focus on three themes: catalysis, colloid science and nanophotonics.

Department of Earth Sciences

We focus on understanding the evolution of the Earth and how it works as a system.

Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning

Human Geography and Spatial Planning focusses on Sustainable Cities and Regions as an overarching theme.

Department of Physical Geography

Our research is directed to understanding the physical processes, patterns, and forms at the Earth's terrestrial surface.

Detector Development

This research group takes part in the R&D process of a new silicon detector system, which will be based on newly developed CMOS sensors.

Developmental Biology

The research of the Developmental Biology division focuses on studying biological principles in the context of living, developing multicellular organisms.

Developmental Biology

The research of this section focuses on the study of biological principles in the context of evolving, living, multicellular organisms.