RESCUE provides an inspiring, multidisciplinary and translational education programme in the area of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells. This programme aims to enhance the potential and future career perspectives of researchers by providing a global training network including over 50 excellent academic and industrial partner organisations. Thereby, shaping a new generation of research experts, empowering them to take leading positions in the field of regenerative medicine world-wide:

  1. UMC Utrecht (coordinator)
  2. University Utrecht
  3. Massachussetts Institute of Technology
  4. OcellO BV
  5. The Hebrew University University of Jerusalem
  6. Pepscan BV
  7. Delft University of Technology
  8. Delmic BV
  9. University of Copenhagen
  10. InteRNA technologies BV
  11. Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge
  12. Leiden University Medical Center
  13. Noviocell BV
  14. Cystic Fibrosis Research Center University of Alabama
  15. Memorial Sloan kettering Cancer Center
  16. Mead Johnson Nutrition BV
  17. Histogenetics LLC
  18. Cedar-Sinai Medical Center
  19. Micalis Institute, UMR INRA- AgroParisTech University
  20. University Hospital Dresden
  21. Chiesi farmaceutici SPA
  22. Stanford Cardiovascular Institute
  23. LifeTec group BV
  24. Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
  25. Micronit Microtechnologies B.V.
  26. Hannover Medical School
  27. Pharmahungary 2000 Ltd
  28. University of Technology Eindhoven
  29. Mimetas BV
  30. Viscofan Bioengineering GmbH
  31. Luxembourg Institute of Health
  32. University of Turino
  33. Aalborg University
  34. University of Saskatchewan
  35. University of Eastern Finland
  36. Nordic Bioscience A/S
  37. Orhtros TR BV i.o.
  38. KiOmed Pharma
  39. University Clinic Würzburg
  40. RegenHU Biosystem ASA
  41. Chinese University of Hong Kong
  42. K2M Inc
  43. National Jewish Health
  44. Royal Philips Healthcare NV
  45. Semmelweis University
  46. Global Stem cell Technology NV
  47. University of New South Wales
  48. Kuros Biosciences BV
  49. University of British Columbia 
  50. AOSpine Knowledge Forum Tumor International 
  51. AO Research Institute Davos (ARI)
  52. 20Med Therapeutics BV
  53. Prince of Wales Hospital, CUHK
  54. MRI Guidance BV
  55. Hubrecht Organoid Technology