Muslims in Europe in the interbellum

This project studies the history of Muslims in interwar Europe. Historians of the modern Middle East underestimate the role of interwar Muslim actors in writing a history of Islam, whereas historians of Europe underestimate their role in intra-European developments. In filling this research lacuna, this ERC Starting Grant research argues that Muslims in interwar Europe were neither simply visitors nor colonial victims, but that they constituted a group of engaged actors in the European and international space. 

  • Principal Investigator: Dr Amr Ryad
  • Team members: Mehdi Sajid, Sophie Spaans, Andrei Tirtan
  • Duration: 2014 - 2019


The here and the hereafter in Islamic traditions

This project aims to write the history of paradise and hell in Islam. Researchers investigate the various conceptualisations of the otherworld in several traditions of thought, such as theology, mysticism, and the popular imagination.

Dr Amr Ryad looks to the architecture of the U.S. Supreme Court for an unexpected example of how Islam is misunderstood in American society. Video: The British Council USA