The RMU board determines the strategic course in the field of regenerative medicine as well as its coordination. This board is composed of representatives from the respective core teams of the four separate organisational units (UMCU, UU Veterinary Medicine, UU Science Faculty, Hubrecht Institute). The RMU Board acts as an umbrella by setting the strategic framework for the common ambition “to improve the understanding of stem cell biology, to develop innovative technologies and to translate our findings into new regenerative therapies”. The aim is to intensify cooperation in education, research and innovation by sharing state-of-the-art infrastructures, scouting and training talented people, and creating access to scarce expertise as well as access to external subsidies and funds.

Bart Spee

Dr. Bart Spee

UU Veterinary Medicine
Chairman RMU Board


Prof. Jos Malda

UMC Utrecht & UU Veterinary Medicine
Utrecht Life Sciences Programme Council
Chairman RMU board


Prof. Tina Vermonden

UU Science Faculty


Prof. Paul Coffer

UMC Utrecht
Director PhD Programme Regenerative Medicine


Prof. Jeffrey Beekman

UMC Utrecht
Strategic Alliance TU/e, WUR, UU, UMCU

Gert-Jan de Borst

Prof. Eva van Rooij

Hubrecht Institute

Christian van Dijk

Dr. Christian van Dijk

UMC Utrecht
Regenerative Medicine Utrecht Postdoctoral Society (RUPS)



Ria Matthijssen

UMC Utrecht
Program manager