11 November 2019
Ze bespraken de verschillende instrumenten waarmee de EU de Europese markten voor defensiematerieel verder poogt te integreren.
Willem Janssen
11 November 2019
Janssen focused on the question whether a legal obligation exists for public authorities to procure sustainable and circular outcomes.
11 November 2019
In her speech, Elisabetta presented her views on the concept of ‘social commissioning’.
11 July 2019
On 17-18 June, the conference Public Procurement took place with a strong representation of PPRC researchers
Paper Niels Uenk
3 May 2019
Niels Uenk, researcher at Utrecht University wrote the winning publication together with a Finnish colleague.
Bestek podcast logo
3 May 2019
Bestek is a RENFORCE project, initiated by Willem Janssen, over the last couple of months. There are two podcast episodes available now.
12 December 2018
Clustering of Contracts Committee - Willem Janssen
Elisabetta Manunza
24 October 2018
Research Presentation Elisabetta Manunza at European Public Procurement Conference in Brussels.
23 October 2018
State Secretary follows all recommendations of working party led by dr. Willem Janssen
1 May 2018
Achieving a sustainable and just society through public procurement? On the limits of relative scoring and the principles of equal treatment and transparency.