Professional Performance across boundaries

On February 24th 2017 a small scale work conference for researchers interested in boundary crossing will take place in Utrecht. The purpose of the conference is to translate and further develop insights from boundary crossing research to enhance professional performance in inter-professional, inter-disciplinary or inter-organisational work contexts. We pursue this goal through connecting people from different disciplines who will identify collective projects and research opportunities from the theoretical perspective of boundary crossing.

Professor Emerita Anne Edwards will inspire and guide this work conference as she will outline new avenues of research in this domain. Until 2012 she has been the director of research in the department of education, Oxford University. Besides, she is a former President of the British Educational Research Association. She is co-author of the book (2009): Activity Theory in Practice: promoting learning across boundaries and agencies.

During the conference researchers studying (enhancement of) professional performance across borders in the broadest sense will work together on concept research proposals, that will be shared and discussed. Promising research proposals will be worked out afterward the conference for submission for a matching call.

Target participants to this conference are primarily UU and UMCU faculty involved in research on (education of) professionals working across inter-professional, inter--disciplinary or inter-organizational domains who are interested to apply insights from boundary crossing research to enhance professional performance.

The location needs to be established and further details of the program will be elaborated upon. Everybody who wants to know more about the conference about boundary crossing research, are welcome to contact Esther de Groot or Larike Bronkhorst.

  • Prof. Dr. Sanne Akkerman and Dr. Larike Brokhorst (UU, Social and Behaviorial sciences)
  • Dr. Arthur Bakker (UU Freudenthal Institute)
  • Prof. Dr. Roger Damoiseaux, Dr. Manon Kluijtmans and Dr. Esther de Groot (UMCU)
  • Prof. Dr. Cok Bakker (UU, Faculty of Humanities)