Research Professional Performance

Conceptual model

Figure 1. Professional performance: conceptual model

We identify three key variables that provide the three pillars on which we build the focus area. We focus on:

  1. Context: social and organisational changes.
  2. Professionals: professional fields, routines, competencies, professional work.
  3. Performance: quality of services, results/outcomes, motivation/well-being.

The CPP model in figure 1 allows us to identify critical research themes and questions, as the relations between the core variables (Context-Professionals-Performance) open up multiple research areas. Taken together, they explain what professional responses occur, why and when, and with what effect.

We have formulated six key themes and questions related to these core variables and their interrelationship that deserve our joint attention as well as academic and practical answers. 

  1. How do professional fields develop and how do they develop professionalism?
  2. How do professional fields control and empower their members?
  3. How do norms and routines affect professionals and professional work?
  4. How do professionals organise and lead professional work?
  5. How do professionals deal with work pressure and remain motivated?
  6. Which competencies do professionals require to be able and capable to deliver?