Innovational Research Incentives Scheme (Veni, Vidi, Vici)

The NWO Innovational Research Incentives Scheme provides three personal grants geared to different stages in a researcher's scientific career: Veni (new PhDs), Vidi (experienced researchers) and Vici (ready for professorship).


The Veni grant offers researchers who have recently obtained their PhD the opportunity to spend three years further developing their ideas. The grant is for a maximum of 250,000 euros. In 2013, 24 researchers at Utrecht University were allocated a Veni grant.


The Vidi grant is for researchers who have already spent several years doing postdoctoral research, during which they have demonstrated the ability to generate and develop innovative ideas independently. It allows them to develop their own innovative lines of research and to appoint one or more researchers. The grant is worth a maximum of 800,000 euros. In 2013, thirteen researchers at Utrecht University were awarded a Vidi grant.


The Vici grant is a personal grant for outstanding, senior researchers who have successfully demonstrated the ability to develop their own innovative lines of research. Vici researchers are among the top ten percent in their research field. They have also proven their ability to coach young researchers. Vici Laureates are allowed to put together their own research centre. Experienced researchers who apply for the pre-proposal can do this from eight years up to a maximum of fifteen years after gaining their PhD. The maximum amount of the grant is 1500,000 euros. In 2013, five researchers at Utrecht University were awarded a Vici grant.

Press release: Five Utrecht University researchers receive Vici grant (12 February 2016)

Press release: Seven Utrecht-based top scientist receive Vidi grant (12 May 2016)