The Young Academy

In 2005, The KNAW established The Young Academy (DJA) to forge links with young scientists. The Young Academy is made up of young researchers who have obtained their doctorates no more than 10 years previously, who have distinguished themselves and who have a broad interest in science and scholarship.

The first DJA were installed in 2005. Each year ten new members are elected to The Young Academy. Appointments are for a term of five years.

Utrecht Young Academy

Since 2016, Utrecht University also has its own Young Academy: the Utrecht Young Academy (UYA). The UYA brings together 40 young UU and UMCU researchers from all fields of science. Each year, 8 new members join the UYA for a period of five years. 

Present members DJA (National Young Academy)
Dr. Erik van Sebille

Physical Oceanography, member since 2019

Dr. Daniel Oberski

Applied statistics, member since 2018

Dr. Celia Berkers

Biochemistry and Cell biology, member since 2017

Dr. ir. Hester den Ruijter (UMCU)

Experimental Cardiology, member since 2017

Dr. Pieter Bruijnincx

Inorganic chemistry and catalysis, member since 2016

Prof. dr. Belle Derks

Social and organisational psychology, member since 2016

Dr. Rens van de Schoot

Methodology and statistics, member since 2016

Dr. Stefan van der Stigchel

Experimental psychology, member since 2016

Dr. mr. Christiaan Vinkers

Pharmacology, member since 2016

Alumni (DJA)
Prof. dr. Barbara Vis

Public Governance and Management, member 2014-2019

Prof. dr. Tine de Moor

Social and Economic History, member 2014-2019

Prof. dr. Christian Lange

Arabic and Islamic Studies, member 2014-2019

Dr. Annelien Bredenoord

Medical Ethics, member 2014-2019

Dr. Antoine Buyse

Human Rights, member 2012-2017

Prof. Beatrice de Graaf

History, member 2011-2016

Prof. Casper Hoogenraad

Molecular Neurobiology, member 2011-2016

Prof. Iris Sommer

Neurosciences, member 2011-2016

Prof. Frank van Tubergen

Sociology, member 2011-2016

Prof. Ingrid Robeyns

Ethics and Political Philosophy, member 2010-2015

Prof. Appy Sluijs

Palaeoecology, member 2009-2014

Prof. Sarah Durston

Psychiatry, Medical Psychology, member 2008-2013

Dr Maarten Kleinhans

Physical Geography, member 2008-2013

Prof. Oscar C. Gelderblom

History of the Middle Ages, member 2006-2011

Dr Jeroen Salman

Cultural History, History of the Book, Literature, Historical Pedagogy, member 2006-2011

Prof. Raymond van Ee

Biophysics, Clinical Physics, Physiology, member 2005-2010

Prof. Beate Völker

Sociology, member 2005-2010

Prof. B.M. Weckhuysen

Anorganic Chemistry and Catalysis, member 2005-2010